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Interior of airport terminal with security desks in distance.

Canberra Airport

G25th October 2016 

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A photographic stroll through the beautiful interiors of Canberra’s $480 million international airport.

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Australian Grains Genebank: An artistic response

G16th August 2016 

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“Australian Grains Genebank – An artistic response” is now showing at the Centre for AgriBioscience as part of National Science Week.

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Silos and car park.

Brim Silos

G2nd July 2016 

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Travelling into western Victoria, I finally had the chance to see the nationally famous painted silos in the small town of Brim.

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The decline of handwriting

G9th December 2015 

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In an era when computerisation has found a way into so many parts of my life, I wonder whether my handwriting has suffered as a consequence?

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Brand Victoria

G14th August 2015 

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This week, the Premier of Victoria announced that a new brand identity had been created for the state to attract more tourists and business investment.

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