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Budget 2015: A clash of narratives

G13th May 2015 

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Was the “debt and deficit crisis” of 2014/15 exaggerated, or has “budget repair” just become too difficult?

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Meet the Dogs of Kennel Road

G26th March 2015 

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Travelling along the Western Highway near Ararat in central Victoria is Kennel Road, home to a family of cheerful dogs.

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The March 2015 cover of National Geographic magazine.

Science under siege

G20th March 2015 

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National Geographic magazine’s “War on Science” cover story has particular resonance in Australia as the Commonwealth Government continues its savage attack on Australia’s scientific capability.

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View of gardens and valley framed by wisteria

Urban nature

G11th March 2015 

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Even in an urban environment, great benefit can come from connecting with nature.

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Portrait of Tony Abbott

Predictions for a leadership spill

G4th February 2015 

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With the commencement of a backbench revolt against Prime Minister Tony Abbott, here are my thoughts on what may happen next.

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