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Cuts to Health: The saga continues

G16th December 2015 

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Balancing a budget may be important, but maintaining Medicare funding for diagnostic services and healthcare is critical.

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The decline of handwriting

G9th December 2015 

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In an era when computerisation has found a way into so many parts of my life, I wonder whether my handwriting has suffered as a consequence?

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Blue Skimmer

G7th December 2015 

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The blue skimmer (Orthetrum caledonicum) is a type of dragonfly found in gardens across south-east Australia.

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Paul Keating: The Biography

G16th October 2015 

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My thoughts on David Day’s latest biography on Australia’s twenty-fourth prime minister.

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Tony Abbott loses the Prime Ministership

G15th September 2015 

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It was Australia’s second-longest serving Prime Minister John Howard who employed the phrase “Who do you trust?” so effectively to win an election.

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