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Election 2016: The choice we’ve always wanted

G18th May 2016 

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Don’t be double-disillusioned: For the first time in many elections Australians have a very real choice between the ideologies of major political parties.

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Apple with fruit sticker affixed to it.

Jazz Apples

G12th April 2016 

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My favourite apple variety ‘Jazz’ is back in season again.

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Multiple signs in a row advertising various Australian banks

Lessons learnt from buying a house

G8th February 2016 

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Buying a house in Australia in 2016 is a challenging process filled with stress, anxiety and frustration. These are the lessons that I have learnt from the process.

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Images from the suburban fringe

G8th January 2016 

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As our cities continue to expand ever outwards, farmland is eventually engulfed with McMansions and urban estates filled with absurdly named streets.

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Merry Christmas!

G24th December 2015 

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To readers, friends and colleagues I wish you a happy Christmas and all the very best for the year ahead.

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