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In defence of the ABC

G28th June 2014 

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Australia’s public broadcaster is an important part of the diverse Australian media landscape.

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Possum sitting atop a gate with brick wall behind.

Possum Magic

G21st June 2014 

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I was rather surprised today when I came home to see a ringtail possum sitting on my side fence in broad daylight.

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Albert Tucker's painting 'The Lucky Country' (1964)

The Lucky Country

G4th June 2014 

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Fifty years ago social critic Donald Horne wrote his famous book ‘The Lucky Country’ describing Australia as “a lucky country run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck”.

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Handwritten plant tag on side of pot

Plant Breeders’ Rights

G20th May 2014 

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This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Plant Breeders Rights Act in Australia.

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Fountain in garden

Alowyn Gardens

G26th April 2014 

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Nestled in the Yarra Valley, north of the town of Yarra Glen, is a delightful garden spread over 2.8 hectares named ‘Alowyn’.

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