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The life of the Victorian Government logo

G15th January 2015 

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I’m always interested to see how the Victorian Government logo changes with each new government.

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View into supermarket with row of registers and big 'Coles' sign hanging down.

Australian Oligopolies

G27th December 2014 

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Complaints about the allegedly oligopolistic behaviour of Australia’s major supermarkets are frequent, but weak competition policy is largely to blame.

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Melbourne Transport Tickets of Yore

G10th October 2014 

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A look back at earlier versions of transport ticketing in Melbourne, from the 1980’s until today.

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Pariament house in Canberra

Social Segregation in Australia

G3rd October 2014 

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I am becoming increasingly alarmed at our government’s attitude to multiculturalism and social harmony.

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Introducing ‘Plants by Adam’

G25th August 2014 

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Today I am pleased to announce that ‘Plants by Adam’ will be launching this weekend at the Essendon North Market. A wide range of vegetable and ornamental seedlings will be available for sale at very competitive prices.

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