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A new look for 2021

After seven long years, I have re-designed my personal website to accommodate the way that modern users access websites and to benefit from new developments in web design.

Seven years is a long time in the world of web design and a lot has changed since I last updated my personal website in 2013. This time around, I have made the landing page bigger and simpler and employed a minimalist but modern design aesthetic across the main part of the site.

My personal website now has a colourful landing page that utilises a more minimalist design aesthetic.

Some of the sub-sites await a re-design and upgrade including the Story of Flowers, Melbourne Neon and Melbourne Buildings, but I have taken this opportunity to retire some other parts of the website that had become old and stale. I also decided to decommission the internal search engine (except on blogs) as this was a little-used feature. Social media share buttons have also disappeared for the same reason.

One new feature that some users may appreciate is “Dark Mode”. If your operating system or browser is set to preference dark mode, then this website will respond accordingly and you’ll see everything in darker colours. Otherwise you’ll see the standard colour palette.

My website now supports “Dark Mode”. For users who have set a preference for dark content in their browsers or on their operating system, the dark version of my website will be displayed.

For those seeking a more technical explanation of the new design, head over to my coding blog. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the new look and improved functionality.



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