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Blue Skimmer

G7th December 2015

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Tphotography, science

The blue skimmer (Orthetrum caledonicum) is a type of dragonfly found in gardens across south-east Australia.

With a wingspan of approximately 7 centimetres, the Australian blue skimmer is an impressive insect. The blue skimmer is native to south-eastern Australia where it can often be found flying over watercourses. I found one resting in my garden and so I was able to take some photographs with my macro lens.

Male blue skimmers are territorial and will fight off any other male that enters their realm whilst enthusiastically pursuing any female that should come his way.


The Blue Skimmer resting up-side down on a grape ivy stem.


A body-length shot of the blue skimmer dragonfly resting.


Wing and head detail of the blue skimmer dragonfly.


The delicate wings of the blue skimmer dragonfly.

You may be wondering why this is called a “blue skimmer” when – quite clearly – this insect isn’t blue. The reason is that this is a female and only the males have the beautiful blue colouration.



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