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Brand Victoria

This week, the Premier of Victoria announced that a new brand identity had been created for the state to attract more tourists and business investment.

The Premier made the announcement this week, stating that “the Big V is back” and that the $20 million campaign would replace a patchwork of previous designs that had been used to date.

The new logo was designed by Ogilvy Australia and consists of a triangle with the word “Victoria” superimposed over the top. Only the letters “Vic” fit into the triangle. The main font used is Kessel 105 (Heavy) with support from Mark OT (Medium).

Victoria's new logo: A new look that will attract tourism and investment.
Victoria’s new logo: A new look that will attract tourism and investment.

When used in context, the logo looks quite smart. Typically, it will be used with a range of colours behind it, or even images.

The coloured version of "Brand Victoria"
The coloured version of “Brand Victoria”

The new slogan that accompanies the logo is “Best of Everything”

"Best of everything" is the new motto.
“Best of everything” is the new motto.

As is always the case with new corporate identities, the new logo comes with a specific colour palette which is codified in a comprehensive set of guidelines. One of the logos that “Brand Victoria” will replace is the puzzle-pieces logo which has been used since 1993. According to Tourism Victoria:

Most tourism marketing symbolises a destination through its most popular icon – for example Queensland – sun; Sydney – harbour; Tasmania – green. Tourism Victoria’s research showed that no single icon adequately represented the State. Consumers described Victoria as a range of experiences and feelings.

The "You'll love every piece of Victoria" logo that will be replaced.
The “You’ll love every piece of Victoria” logo that will be replaced.

I always liked the puzzle logo and what it symbolised, but the Premier disagreed telling journalists

One of our logos was in fact a puzzle…Saying to the world that we are puzzled about ourselves… I don’t think that works.

Daniel Andrews, 12 August 2015

As one expects with these things, the new logo sparked some interstate rivalry from the Premier of New South Wales. Others felt that it referenced Tasmania. To me, the logo bears some resemblance to the London Victoria identity that was designed by SomeOne. One small business has already made a more serious claim.

What also seems likely is that the “Brand Victoria” will replace the current State Government logo, which was only updated a few months ago.

The Tourism Victoria website as of 14 August 2015.
The Tourism Victoria website as of 14 August 2015.

Evidence from the Tourism Victoria website supports this proposition. The current site exhibits the doomed puzzle logo plus a new State Government logo in the upper right-hand corner that appears to reflect “Brand Victoria”. The Department of Premier and Cabinet design guidelines also suggest that “Brand Victoria” will extend to all departments and agencies.

How departmental names will be worked into the design remains to be seen.


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One response to “Brand Victoria”

On 14 August 2015, Andrew wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

I like the new logo, although I had never noticed the old. Victoria and Melbourne is a hard to sell against the glitz of Sydney and its weather. But, we do have really good coffee and Victorian era streetscapes.

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