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Coon brand cheese on a supermarket shelf in Australia with other brands of cheese.

Coon Cheese

G9th August 2020 

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It is so unreasonable that the name be changed when it causes needless offence?

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Back to Lockdown

G9th July 2020 

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As disappointing as it is, a “Stage 3” lockdown was going to be inevitable to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Melbourne.

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Coronavirus and Mad Shoppers

G17th March 2020 

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The panic shopping at Australian supermarkets is getting out of control.

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Australian Flag

Australia Day

G23rd January 2019 

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Recent debates about celebrating Australia Day on January 26 have triggered some reflection on my part.

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Strange things in new houses

G28th November 2016 

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Beyond the horizon on the fringes of our cities lie vast estates of gargantuan new houses that will bewilder with their peculiar features.

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