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Vote ‘Yes’

Posted 5th October 2023

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The request of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people for a constitutionally-recognised voice to the Australian parliament is both reasonable and deserved.

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Twenty-Five Years

Posted 26th July 2023

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On this day twenty-five years ago, I established my personal website using a free web hosting service and an online website builder.

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Book cover

A History of the Dunvegan Estate, Macleod

Posted 2nd June 2023

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My local history book has been published and copies are now available for sale.

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Seminar: The Dunvegan Estate in Macleod

Posted 3rd February 2023

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I will be giving a seminar presentation on Tuesday 14 February about the development history of the Dunvegan housing estate, which is located in the Melbourne suburb of Macleod.

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Getting COVID-19

Posted 16th January 2023


After avoiding the disease for three years, I was unfortunate to become infected with COVID-19 last week. It’s been pretty awful.

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