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View of a power pole from the ground.

Plays for Power

Posted 21st August 2018

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Obvious signs of climate change are ignored in Australia in favour of frivolous arguments about electricity prices and political party leadership.

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What about the cake makers?

Posted 30th November 2017

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Silly arguments about the religious rights of pious cake makers undermine a sensible discussion that could be had about civil liberties and religious freedoms in Australia.

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Pariament house in Canberra

Social Segregation in Australia

Posted 3rd October 2014

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I am becoming increasingly alarmed at our government’s attitude to multiculturalism and social harmony.

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Telstra Mobile

Posted 2nd February 2013


How long does it take Telstra to connect a new 4G smart phone to their network? Longer than you may think!

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Blog post thumnail

Bad language

Posted 10th May 2012


It’s time to take a stand! My list of the six most common examples of bad English and corporate jargon used in 2012.

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