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Kim Jong-il’s Seoul impersonator

An amusing video from Seoul, where a South Korean man has discovered the joy of political impersonation.

There was an amusing story on ABC News tonight from South Korea, where a local man in Seoul is gaining notoriety for his strong resemblance to North Korean despot, Kim Jong-il (김정일).

Sharing the same surname and an uncanny likeness to the “Dear Leader”, Kim Young-sik has become well-known for his impersonation of  the world’s most mysterious dictator. You can watch Mark Willacy’s light-hearted story below, which was broadcast on ABC1 in Melbourne this evening:

By trade, Kim Young-sik is an engraver, but since he discovered his resemblance to Kimg Jong-il, he has starred in Japanese film clips, Korean films and numerous public performances in Seoul.

Portrait of Kim Jong-Il
The real Kim Jong-il.

As it turns out, Kim Young-sik is not the only Kim Jong-il impersonator, but he certainly seems to have become the most famous!



2 responses to “Kim Jong-il’s Seoul impersonator”

On 25 July 2009, sreychilli wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

I saw this on telly too 🙂 I wonder how closely the other impersonators resemble the real Kim Jong-il? Any photos? 🙂

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