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Meet the Dogs of Kennel Road

Travelling along the Western Highway near Ararat in central Victoria is Kennel Road, home to a family of cheerful dogs.

I’ve recently had to travel fairly frequently between Melbourne and Horsham for work, which involves a trip through the central part of Victoria along the Western Highway. As always, I have my eyes out for interesting sights along the way.

One of the features that seemed to catch my attention on each trip is located approximately six kilometres west of Ararat. Each time I passed by, my eye was caught by some sort of colourful display beside a street sign. It was only small, but it aroused my curiosity every time.

Yesterday I finally decided to stop the car and take a proper look.

Street sign that reads "Kennel Road" with dog sculpture attached.
The ‘Kennel Road’ street sign and dog sculpture along the Western Highway.

I pulled the car over on the side of the road and walked back to where the colourful display was positioned beside a street sign. The name on the the sign was Kennel Road. Attached to the sign’s pole was a long horizontal steel bar atop which were positioned a row of colourful perspex kennels. Beside each kennel sat a friendly dog. How apt!

Sculpture of a row of kennels with dog beside.
The Kennel Road kennels sculpture.

Clearly someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make a lovely tribute to the street’s name, although I don’t know who the creative artist happens to be. The sculpture stands approximately 1.2 metres tall and is about a metre long. The kennels themselves are only about 12cm tall.

There are seven colourful kennels each with a different breed of dog beside. Given that there appears to be seven residences located in Kennel Road, I suspect that each kennel represents a Kennel Road address.

The row of kennels in front of Kennel Road, Ararat.
The row of kennels in front of Kennel Road, Ararat.

What I like about this sculpture, aside from the colourful kennels, are the cheerful dogs. Each seems to be so happy!


If you’re ever travelling west if Ararat along the Western Highway, be sure to look out for the dogs of Kennel Road.

Adam Dimech standing beside a sculpture at Kennel Road, Ararat
Standing beside the Kennel Road kennels sculpture.


One response to “Meet the Dogs of Kennel Road”

On 28 March 2015, flipsockgrrl wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

What a delightful find — I’ll be sure to stop and introduce myself next time I’m heading towards Horsham 🙂

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