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Melbourne’s Pink Pigeons

Fluorescent pink birds take over the city!

Melbourne’s population of 60,000 pigeons is set to increase this month, but Council could hardly be happier.

In an ironic twist for an organisation so keen to reduce pigeon numbers, the City of Melbourne has funded an arts project that will see 200 pink pigeons appear in the city’s parks and gardens over winter.

So far, fifty of the fluorescent pink birds have perched in an elm tree on the corner of Swanston and Collins streets. And what a sight they are! Some are looking to the side, some are brooding and others are just enjoying the attention they are receiving from passers-by.

Artist Omega Goodwin produced the fibreglass birds for the ‘Pigeons of Melbourne’ arts project, which he hopes will bring some winter cheer to the city and perhaps a reappraisal of pigeons as something better than “rats with wings”.

“Pigeons are for the most part seen as an annoying part of everyday life but people overlook their beautiful form and the patterns they make when they fly in a flock”, Goodwin is quoted as saying. “This juxtaposition gets to the heart of this art piece – there is beauty in everything – everything has a silver lining” he said.

Pink was chosen to provide a contrast to Melbourne’s drab grey winter sky and I reckon no colour could have been better. After seeing these cheerful birds perched in an elm tree, one cannot help but be uplifted by their vibrant beauty. I think this is a terrific project, and I look forward to spotting more pigeons in other locations across the city.

The birds will be roosting in Melbourne until 3 July 2007, when a limited number will be sold for $110 each to interested persons. As for the rest… who knows?

Further information:
Lucas, C. (2007) No pink fit by council over city’s pink pigeons
. The Age. 4 June, p.5
Listen to audio of Omega Goodwin discussing the Pigeons of Melbourne project with Jennifer Hopper from The
Listen in Windows Media Player.



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