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Making the Cover

G28th July 2009

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My photograph has been used to illustrate a text book: “Government, Politics, Power and Policy in Australia” by Woodward, Parkin & Summers.

Today, I was delighted to receive my brand new copy of Government, Politics, Power and Policy in Australia by Dennis Woodward, Andrew Parkin and John Summers.

The book is of particular interest not only for the subject matter, but because it features one of my photographs on the cover!

Mine is a preview copy, as the book is still yet to be released. Having purchased a previous edition of this same text many years ago, I am quite confident that it will be well-received by academics and students alike. I certainly found the book to be very engaging and informative at a time when I was seeking to understand Australia’s system of parliamentary democracy.

The cover shot is one that I took on a holiday to Canberra in 2006. The photo has been one of my most successful on Flickr, with 41 comments and 37 favourites. Pearson sought to purchase a licence for the image via Photologium, and I was only too happy to supply it to them.  The image is not only featured on the cover, but the chapter pages and related marketing material.

Government, Politics, Power and Policy in Australia (ISBN 9781442508736) will soon be available at most bookshops, and is published by Pearson Education Australia. More info from the publishers here.



2 responses to “Making the Cover”

  • Written by Alison on 30 July 2009:

    hey Adam,

    Congratulations on your growing success with photography!! It’s a fantastic photo & your recognition is well-deserved.

  • Written by isobel on 1 August 2009:

    Another interesting blog, when you purchased your copy of an earlier edition the last thing you would have imagined,an excellent photo you shot much later would appear on the cover (and inside) of the new edition! Life is always interesting is’nt it.?
    It really is a great photo though.!

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