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Melbourne’s Loo with a View

G2nd June 2008

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Have a look at the view from these sky-high public toilets – you’ll be amazed!

For years, I’d heard rumours of a set of amazing public toilets in central Melbourne that doubled as a sight-seers delight. A Loo With a View, so-to-speak.

The rumour went that you could see for kilometres whilst conducting your business. Intrigued, and with some time on my hands, I decided to scout these toilets out and see this apparent marvel for myself.

After researcing their location, I took a visit to the infamous bathroom yesterday and can affirm that the view really is something to behold!

The view from inside the men’s toilets at Melbourne’s Sofitel.

The Loos With a View are located on the thirty-fifth floor of the Sofitel, and take in views of State Parliament, the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. On a clear day you can see as far as the Dandenong Ranges.

This grand vista is provided through floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows that span the breadth of the bathroom. As soon as you enter the bathroom, the view is there to greet you.

A panorama taken from the Sofitel toilets.

It probably goes without saying that most folks would not take too kindly to sharing the bathroom with a photographer. Luckily it was quiet when I visited, so I was able to take these photos before anyone entered. I’ve since discovered that the Ladies are just as impressive as the Gents!

Another magnificant view taken from the Sofitel toilets.

The Loo With a View is well worth a visit, just to satisfy one’s curiosity. And believe it or not, the view is even better than the one at the Eureka tower!

How to get there: The ‘Loo With a View’ is located on Level 35 of the Sofitel Hotel at 25 Collins Street, Melbourne. The toilets are open to members of the public. You can enter from Collins Place (at the foot of the ANZ Towers) and proceed into the hotel foyer. From there, take the lift to Level 35 and then proceed into the Gents or Ladies as is appropriate.



7 responses to “Melbourne’s Loo with a View”

  • Written by cafrine on 2 June 2008:

    You couldn’t have sneaked into the ladies? “Don’t mind me, Ladies! I’m just here for the view.”

    I love that the architects thought of this.

  • Written by Patrick on 16 April 2009:

    I have been there and it is truly impressive.

  • Written by Ash Nallawalla on 1 November 2011:

    There’s another one in the CBD where the window is directly above the urinals. Fortunately, your nether regions are not exposed to the view.

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