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Yarra River in Flood

Following heavy rains across parts of Victoria in the past week, many of the state’s rivers are swollen.

I decided to venture down to Sill’s Bend in Heidelberg to see the Yarra River after receiving news from a relative that the water was very high. Indeed it was. Park benches, paths and even a suspended rope swing were partially submerged under the muddy brown waters of the Yarra.

The closest Bureau of Meteorology weather station to Heidelberg is at Viewbank, where 58.6 mm of rain was recorded falling in the past week. The monthly mean rainfall for Viewbank in June is 54.3 mm, so it’s certainly been a wet month. Of course the Yarra doesn’t start in Heidelberg and there have been much heavier falls upstream.

I was with a small child and in the company of others, so didn’t have a huge amount of time to wander around. Nevertheless here are some of the photos that I captured.

Looking across a swollen river to semi-submerged park benches.
Semi-submerged picnic tables at Warringal Park.
A tree with ropes hanging into a river which has submerged the swing.
A rope swing dangling into the flowing waters of the Yarra River.
Muddy water flowing down a swollen river.
Some of the floodwater was flowing quite quickly.
Muddy water flowing down a swollen river.
The swollen Yarra River at Sill’s Bend.
Muddy water seeping across a grassed area in a park.
This picnic spot has been inundated with water from the Yarra River.


One response to “Yarra River in Flood”

On 18 June 2021, Andrew wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

Great photos of the flooding Yarra. I suppose I could have gone to Dights Falls after our travel limit was extended but I didn’t.

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