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Getting COVID-19

Posted 16th January 2023


After avoiding the disease for three years, I was unfortunate to become infected with COVID-19 last week. It’s been pretty awful.

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Accessing aerial imagery in Melbourne

Posted 9th January 2023

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Here are some resources that I have found valuable for obtaining good-quality aerial imagery of Melbourne in Australia.

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Bear’s Castle

Posted 23rd October 2022

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Bear’s Castle is a peculiar and mysterious historic building located near Melbourne’s Yan Yean Reservoir. I visited the castle this weekend and found it intriguing.

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Powering up the SECV

Posted 21st October 2022

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that his government would revive the State Electricity Commission as an active energy market participant, if re-elected.

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Sick. Again.

Posted 12th July 2022

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Well I was the sort of person who “never got sick” until this year’s winter flu season came along. Now it’s a constant battle not to be ill.

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