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Lame Duck

G14th February 2019 

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The passing of the medical evacuation bill against the wishes of the government presents a humiliating defeat for Scott Morrison.

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Australian Flag

Australia Day

G23rd January 2019 

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Recent debates about celebrating Australia Day on January 26 have triggered some reflection on my part.

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Portrait of Malcolm Turnbull

Leadership Crisis

G24th August 2018 

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The messy leadership crisis in Canberra has done untold damage to the reputation of Australia’s parliament.

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View of a power pole from the ground.

Plays for Power

G21st August 2018 

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Obvious signs of climate change are ignored in Australia in favour of frivolous arguments about electricity prices and political party leadership.

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My Health Record

G19th July 2018 

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There are pros and cons to My Health Record that need to be carefully considered before opting-out of the new system.

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