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Everyone is (mentally) exhausted

Posted 27th August 2021

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Honestly, I have never lived through a period where absolutely everyone I know from the old lady next door to my young work colleagues to the postman are utterly worn out.

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Lockdown 6.0

Posted 6th August 2021


Here we go again. Lockdown number 6 was announced by the Victorian Government last night and now we’re all cooped-up in our homes whilst we hope that the latest outbreak of the Delta SARS-CoV-2 variant is eliminated.

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Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

Posted 25th June 2021

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The stunning new Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub in Melbourne’s north-east is a testament to good design and collaboration between a municipal council, library patrons and architects.

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Malahang Lantern Festival

Posted 18th June 2021

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The Malahang Lantern Festival was a delightful and free family-friendly event in Melbourne’s north-east featuring dozens of beautiful lanterns showcasing a variety of themes.

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Yarra River in Flood

Posted 13th June 2021

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Following heavy rains across parts of Victoria in the past week, many of the state’s rivers are swollen.

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