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Election Day in Australia

Posted 3rd July 2016


Australians celebrate democracy in a laid-back and casual manner. Here’s my photographic account of a typical Australian election day.

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Images from the suburban fringe

Posted 8th January 2016


As our cities continue to expand ever outwards, farmland is eventually engulfed with McMansions and urban estates filled with absurdly named streets.

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Blue Skimmer

Posted 7th December 2015

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The blue skimmer (Orthetrum caledonicum) is a type of dragonfly found in gardens across south-east Australia.

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Interior of meeting room.

Sydney Masonic Centre: A tour with the Freemasons

Posted 10th August 2015


Whilst in Sydney recently, I partook in a tour of the Sydney Masonic Centre and learnt much about the building’s architectural history as well as the Freemasons’.

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Glass with coffee in it on top of a saucer.


Posted 12th July 2015

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For me, most days commence with a delicious cup of home-made coffee first thing in the morning.

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