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Malahang Lantern Festival

The Malahang Lantern Festival was a delightful and free family-friendly event in Melbourne’s north-east featuring dozens of beautiful lanterns showcasing a variety of themes.

I must admit some time has passed between attending the City of Banyule’s Malahang Lantern Festival back in March 2021 and this posting. Can I blame COVID? Probably not. Either way, we had a lovely time there enjoying the various lanterns. The weather was beautiful and so too was the art. I have finally got around to looking at my photos and recalling how enjoyable it all was.

Speaking of photos, my only disappointment was the number of spectators who seemed more interested in getting “selfies” in front of the lanterns rather than appreciating them. In fact it became quite irritating having to wait for family after family pushing right in front of the art with their children in tow. No amount of “please don’t touch the lantern” signs or even a sense of common decency seemed to dissuade them from trying to get a perfect happy-snap for Instagram despite the lack of co-operation from their infants. Far be it from me to criticise photographers but far out the selfishness was right on show that night. Honestly, half the attendees didn’t even look at the lanterns they were posing in front of!

It was otherwise a great evening out. Here are some photos that I managed to capture:

A dragon looking down from on high.
A snake slithering across the ground.
A spider crawling down a gum tree.
A wise old owl.
A beautiful butterfly.
Close-up of an ant lantern.
A trail of lantern ants.
The dragon with food stalls in the background.
A possum climbing a gum tree.
A moorhen.


One response to “Malahang Lantern Festival”

On 18 June 2021, Andrew wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

Great photos. I tire of people taking selfies as they block anyone else taking a camera shot, never mind them not really looking at what is on show or a view. I learnt many years ago to spoil a special view by being preoccupied with a camera.

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