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Merimbula Boardwalk

One of the nicest attractions along the south coast of New South Wales is Merimbula’s “boardwalk”.

My wife and I recently spent a week on the south (Sapphire) coast of New South Wales. Famous for its coastline and marine industries, it’s a lovely part of the world to visit. Merimbula is a small coastal town approximately 370 kilometres south of Wollongong. The town seems to be a very popular holiday spot for Victorians; indeed I recall several visits there when I was a child.

During our holiday, a visitor’s information centre guide at Bermagui disparagingly referred-to Merimbula as a “Gold Coast for Victorians”. Perhaps it is during Christmas and New Year, but we timed our holiday to avoid all of that. When we went, the weather was stunning and there was still parking available in the town centre. Nothing was crowded.

View of town from bay
Merimbula is a small coastal town on the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales.

For those spending some time in Merimbula, I thoroughly recommend the famous “boardwalk” that is located on the southern side of the town centre. The walk runs along the edge of the Merimbula Lake and makes for a very easy 3.5 kilometre stroll. The start of the walk is a little obscured because it is hidden behind a gravel car park and a shed (neither of which are especially appealing) but once past that, it’s all spectacular from there.

As one proceeds along the lake’s edge, there is a surprising variety of environments to explore, from mangroves to scrub and even small sandy beaches. The boardwalk is flat, so even a wheelchair-bound person could easily enjoy the views. During our walk, we saw several mothers with prams enjoying the walk. We saw many species of fish, crustaceans and birds. The walk also offers an impressive view of the local oyster farms.

Posted below are a few photographs that I took along the way. The weather was absolutely beautiful and this simple walk proved to be one of the highlights of our holiday.

View of boardwalk with water on one side and trees on the other.
The start of the Merimbula boardwalk immediately impresses.
View across water
The view of Merimbula Lake from the boardwalk.
Mother walking with pram along board walk
The Merimbula boardwalk is an easy stroll for people of all ages and abilities.
View of boardwalk with water on one side and trees on the other.
The diversity of environments along the board walk is surprising
Oyster farms in the water
Oyster farms in Merimbula Lake
View of boardwalk with sand and water on one side and trees on the other.
One could be forgiven for thinking that they’re on a remote island in tropical Queensland
Mangroves growing along the Merimbula boardwalk.
Mangroves growing alongside the Merimbula boardwalk.


3 responses to “Merimbula Boardwalk”

On 15 February 2018, Andrew wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

We’ve visited Merimbula twice in about five years and we love it. Yes, we walked some of the boardwalk and saw fish in the water and a snake in the bush. Short Point is wonderful, as is the town itself. However, there is a bakery in the lower point of town that has the honour of serving me the worst cup of proper coffee I have ever had. I did not really have it as it was so bad, I did not drink it. I would have preferred Pablo instant coffee. I was so keen on the town that I even looked to see if I could get there by public transport, and yes, train and coach.

On 16 February 2018, KH wrote: Hyperlink chain icon

very scenic area, very beautiful. Also well written article.

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