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Yarra River in Flood

Posted 13th June 2021

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Following heavy rains across parts of Victoria in the past week, many of the state’s rivers are swollen.

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Men atop a cherry picker attaching wires to a pylon with the use of a crane

Relocating Transmission Lines in Watsonia

Posted 3rd February 2021

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Today I chanced upon an impressive spectacle: the relocation of 220 kV electricity transmission lines in Watsonia.

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Scott No Compassion

Posted 7th January 2020

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I am almost lost for words when I consider the Prime Minister’s heartless response to the Australian bushfire crisis.

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View of a power pole from the ground.

Plays for Power

Posted 21st August 2018

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Obvious signs of climate change are ignored in Australia in favour of frivolous arguments about electricity prices and political party leadership.

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Strange things in new houses

Posted 28th November 2016


Beyond the horizon on the fringes of our cities lie vast estates of gargantuan new houses that will bewilder with their peculiar features.

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