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Scott No Compassion

G7th January 2020 

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I am almost lost for words when I consider the Prime Minister’s heartless response to the Australian bushfire crisis.

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View of a power pole from the ground.

Plays for Power

G21st August 2018 

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Obvious signs of climate change are ignored in Australia in favour of frivolous arguments about electricity prices and political party leadership.

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Strange things in new houses

G28th November 2016 

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Beyond the horizon on the fringes of our cities lie vast estates of gargantuan new houses that will bewilder with their peculiar features.

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Images from the suburban fringe

G8th January 2016 

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As our cities continue to expand ever outwards, farmland is eventually engulfed with McMansions and urban estates filled with absurdly named streets.

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Science under siege

G20th March 2015 

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National Geographic magazine’s “War on Science” cover story has particular resonance in Australia as the Commonwealth Government continues its savage attack on Australia’s scientific capability.

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