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Very Windy

We’ve had a windy 24 hours in Victoria and there has been widespread reports of damage across the state.

In my home city of Melbourne, trees have come down and houses have been damaged. There is debris everywhere. Throughout the night I could hear strong gusts of wind howling and things moving that shouldn’t be.

Having recently purchased a private weather station, I was eager to have a look at the data when I awoke in the morning. Shown below is a line graph of wind speed and gust speed for the past 24 hours, which I plotted using R.

The maximum wind gust speed of 53.3 kilometres per hour was recorded both at 4:40am and 7:10am. The next biggest gust of 49.7 km/h was recorded at 7:30am. That’s quite something.

A plot of wind speeds and wind gust speeds over a 24 hour period in Melbourne, as recorded by Adam Dimech’s private weather station.

The worst of the weather seems to have occurred between 3am and 9:30am where I am.

Thankfully everyone is okay and there is no property damage, although I have had to apply a small prop to a side fence which has become a bit wobbly and the backyard is filled with debris. It’s nothing that I can’t fix.



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